Monday, April 1, 2013

sweet easter

It used to be an excuse for me to eat Cadbury creme eggs, but this year I celebrated by eating gummies by the handful, skipping another year of baking hot cross buns and heading straight for the cakes instead, pretending I was Pocahontas while waiting for people to come online, and forgetting it was a long weekend because I was spending it at uni with an entertaining, enlightening while intimidating and completely quotable econs prof. Hope everyone had a fabulous Easter weekend!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

how to make hard things easy

my usual breakfast of soaked oatmeal in carrot juice, with jackfruit, strawberries and raisins.

"That’s because of a wonderful law of reality: hard becomes easy. Almost everything that’s easy for you now was at one time hard." 
- David Cain

I came across this article "How To Make Hard Things Easy" by David Cain yesterday while doing my usual procrastisurfing on Thought Catalog. It reminded me of a previous post of mine where I wrote:

"I don't know about others, but to me, blogging is hard work. Just like waking up in the morning is hard work; washing the dishes is hard work; walking to the bookstore to pick up a magazine is hard work; microwaving lunch is hard work.
But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy writing; saying good morning to my treasured ones at the start of a brand new day; having clean dishes nicely displayed; strolling along Orchard road and surrounding myself with stacks of books and neatly shelved glossy magazines; or eating piping hot leftovers."

The truth is, I often surprise myself by typing these lengthy blog posts that I don't even want to come back and read them and bore myself to death with the wordy sentences pieced together, that somehow don't make sense anymore, and I'm doing it again.

The point I'm trying to make is that what seems hard can simply become easier once you start doing it.

Happy Wednesday y'all!

Monday, March 25, 2013

sometimes all we need is a little sparkle

I've probably said this a thouand and one times but maybe that's how many times I've dreamt of living in Lauren Moffatt's wardrobe.

No excuses AT ALL for feeling even (just a little) blue today. Just watch this video of cheery gorgeous girls in sequins and silk with awesome music playing and try not to smile. 

Love this fall collection of sparkly sequin, peachy leather, cream lace, nautical-inspired-bat-wing-coat, vintage prints. If that's not enough to bring a cheesy grin to your face, watch Lauren Moffatt's Spring collection as well. Happy Monday! xx